SEM Basics

If it isn’t on google,
it doesn’t exist.
– Jimmi Wales
(1966), co-founder of wikipedia



Have you done with SEO? And now u think that you will start getting traffic, and your website will be top ranked? Well this is not all enough!Because the associated part of SEO is still not done yet!! Many people start with a good website and acquire a SEO service to make their website compatible to SEO algorithm.but, dint find necessary to go through with the another most imperative factor; i.e. Search Engine Marketing(SEM).

Search engine marketing is the process of marketing a business using paid advertisements that appears on search engine results pages (or SERPs). Advertisers set bid on keywords (phrases based on product or services), that users looking for specific products or services on major search engines, which gives advertiser the opportunity for their ads to display alongside results for those search queries.


SEO, PPC Comes Within SEM

images-4     SEM encompass different options available to use a search engine’s technology, including paid ads. SEM measures with search engines algorithm acts associated with researching, submitting and positioning a website within search engines. It includes things such as search engine optimization, paid listings and other website functionality that increase exposure and traffic to Website. SEM offers to pay based on clicks (you pay only for each click through the advertisement to your Web site). Ads in a successful SEM campaign will be display to those users specifically looking for your products or services, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

These ads, often known by the term pay-per-click ads, come in a variety of formats. Some are small, text-based ads, whereas others, such as product listing ads (PLAs, also known as Shopping ads) are more visual, product-based advertisements provide users important information at-a-glance, such as price and reviews.